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Explorations in the artistic world of macro photography.

Flower Abstract – 50mm Nikkor Reversed Lens

© 2004 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

Canon 100mm macro, Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens in reverse, extension tube
Tripod, macro slider, reflectors, mirror
1/30 sec. @ f2.8
ISO 100


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  1. beautiful as always!

    Comment by Doris | March 26, 2006

  2. great!

    Comment by Andy | March 26, 2006

  3. you have such wonderful shots!

    Comment by shiney teeth and me | March 26, 2006

  4. Love the colors in the abstract macro flower Mike. You are certainly one of a very few that convinced me to delve deeper into the world of Digital SLR. I thank you Sir for the inspiration.

    Comment by Marc | March 26, 2006

  5. My Lord, how do you think this stuff up? Awesome.

    Comment by Monterey John | March 27, 2006

  6. Fabulous!

    Comment by Lorraine | March 27, 2006

  7. Nice, like the composition.

    Best wishes

    Comment by neil | March 27, 2006

  8. So THIS is what I can achieve with a reverse lens…quite nice!

    Comment by Micki | March 27, 2006

  9. Very nice photograph. Nice dof and very soft. :)

    Comment by cedric lemoigne | March 27, 2006

  10. My eye is drawn to both sides of the photograph and my brain can’t decide which one it likes best; which leaves me riveted. Lovely work.

    Comment by Solaria | March 27, 2006

  11. Very Pretty. Like a beautiful oil painting.

    Comment by tinyland | March 27, 2006

  12. Absolutely love it!

    Comment by Mohammed | March 27, 2006

  13. Really nice shot. I love the abstract qualities and the lovely color.

    Comment by Dave | March 27, 2006

  14. Yay! You came back! And with such a gorgeous shot, too. I love the softness of it and the rich colors. Just looking at this one makes me happy.

    Comment by Caryn | March 28, 2006

  15. So lovely! I really appreciate all the pictures you share, and your knowledge. I do also understand it takes a lot of time – you´ve anyway really managed to inspire me and I´ll keep visiting… :)

    Comment by markisen | March 28, 2006

  16. I can almost smell it I’m so close:)

    Comment by j e p p e | March 28, 2006

  17. Beautiful color “painting” ;-)

    Comment by KPK | March 28, 2006

  18. So Beautiful and delicate Mike .. :)

    Comment by Leisa | March 28, 2006

  19. Is the blur added afterwards or did you get lucky and have a great location to keep the colors so smooth and silky looking?

    Comment by Mark Aplet | March 28, 2006

  20. Oh man, that could be a pinting. It really is a work of art the way you present your work. Lovely stuff.

    Comment by BobC | March 28, 2006

  21. Beautiful shot.

    Comment by Skateboard Showroom | March 28, 2006

  22. Beautiful photo. Very clean and strong. Nice color composition.

    Comment by marc | March 29, 2006

  23. Beautiful photos!
    Good job. ;)

    Comment by Sibelius | March 29, 2006

  24. bellissime queste foto! wwwwoooooooww! anke io faccio foto macro ^^ bye

    Comment by ..BEA.. | March 30, 2006

  25. More macro abstract art, very nice.

    Comment by John | March 30, 2006

  26. Wonderful Mike! Soft to the eye.

    Comment by Joy | March 31, 2006

  27. Hi, i’m kind of new to your site..
    Beautifull picture ! It looks so abstract and clean, that’s how nature pics should be

    Comment by steefje | March 31, 2006

  28. Mark, … the 50mm reverse provides a very shallow depth, therefore you almost always can get that very soft and blurred look, which is something that I really like in this type of macro shooting.

    Thanks again everyone for visiting!
    (man, ….. I gotta head out that door!) :)

    Comment by MBrown | April 1, 2006

  29. This is just fantastic. It really stands out. and in a collection like yours…that is saying ALOT!

    Comment by Jarrett | April 17, 2006

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