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Camelia Stamen Abstract

© 2005 – Michael Brown
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This is a camelia stamen found inside a bud that was a week or two from opening. I slowly peeled away the outer layers, revealing the fresh insides, and all of the abstract possibilities.

I added the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens in reverse to the Canon 100mm macro for this shot.


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  1. Very cool Mike! I looks like long alien fingers :-)

    Comment by Doris | March 18, 2006

  2. Wow! At first I thought of an octopus in the sea! :) Really nice!

    Comment by sil | March 18, 2006

  3. Hey Mike I have a question for you!

    What do you use when you are crawling on the ground looking for your shots. Do you use a table top type tripod or do you use one of those pod things Not sure of the actual name, they have a rounded base on them.

    Comment by Doris | March 18, 2006

  4. Amazing! Love it!!

    Comment by Jill | March 18, 2006

  5. What an excellent Camellia micro…

    Comment by lino from Oz | March 18, 2006

  6. Great shot, Michael… Makes me realize even more why I desperately need a macro lens of my own.

    Keep up the great work…

    Comment by Matthew K. Hartman | March 19, 2006

  7. Very impressive & inspiring Michael – just curious on the set up yopu used to capture this image?
    cheers mate :)

    Comment by dave | March 19, 2006

  8. Alien fingers was my first thought, too. I had to check where I was…it’s still early. A fantastic macro.

    Comment by Micki | March 19, 2006

  9. Awesome. That pink tone is almost organ-like, ant the tenticles are somewhat creepy, yet beautiful.

    Comment by matt | March 19, 2006

  10. Another nice picture.

    Comment by RensNL | March 19, 2006

  11. Wow! I love when I oped a photoblog and say that! It happens alot on this site. I would love to see how you set up for shot like these.

    Comment by Sandy | March 19, 2006

  12. Hi Michael! It’s been awhile so I thought I’d drop by. Great images as usual! The shape and arrangement of the stamens remind me of tree roots. Very neat.

    Comment by lotusearth | March 19, 2006

  13. Super colour, detail and composition. A very interesting image

    Comment by John | March 19, 2006

  14. Very cool! Great macro. Those Camelias are irresistible!

    Comment by Joy | March 19, 2006

  15. Fantastic macro!

    Comment by Seesaw | March 19, 2006

  16. very nice shot, fantasy! :)

    Comment by senilní ješita | March 19, 2006

  17. I thought for sure : tentacles… great shot :)

    Comment by Lorraine | March 20, 2006

  18. Beautiful Abstract Mike.

    Otherworldly. Hopefully these Octopus Camellia’s will never invade! ;-)

    Comment by Marc | March 20, 2006

  19. Awesome image!!! Especially love the colors.

    Comment by Patty | March 20, 2006

  20. It’s Cthulhu!

    Comment by Paul | March 20, 2006

  21. Fantastic macro Mike..

    Comment by Leisa | March 20, 2006

  22. It’s like an alien creature! Man, those tones are so nice and delicate, as is the lighting. You are the master.

    Comment by andy | March 20, 2006

  23. totally bizarre and amazing at the same time.

    Comment by tuan | March 21, 2006

  24. A great shot like this doesn’t need any comment, I can’t even think about saying a word because no word can express my feeling about this shot.

    Comment by Arash Sharifi | March 21, 2006

  25. Très belle composition… we can believe in a ocpopus…

    Comment by Pierre | March 21, 2006

  26. wow, awesome picture! What kind of flower is that?

    Comment by Mohammed | March 25, 2006

  27. great perspective…!!

    Comment by Rajesh Dangi | March 28, 2006

  28. sort of phallic looking. hehe, or maybe thats just me.

    Comment by Mark Aplet | March 28, 2006

  29. I’ve been diggin’ through your archives just for fun and bumped into this spectacular shot. What a beautiful work of art. Makes me stare.

    Comment by Photo Buffet | February 18, 2007

  30. And thank you! :)
    I must say, it has been one of my favorites for awhile now.

    Thanks for visiting,

    Comment by macroartinnature | February 18, 2007

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