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“Using The Dead”

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Without a doubt, one of the most overlooked spots while one is out walking about and exploring an area for some macro or up close shots, are the areas of bleached white or tan colored grasses that have long lost their green.
There are many fantastic opportunities to be found in those areas, especially if you can find something sitting all alone and with a touch of green or another color, blending in with all of that bleached out streaks of tan and white.
I found this little flower at at the Congaree Swamp National Park last season, sitting down within a large field of dead grasses.
The wind was blowing, constantly changing the composition of those blades of dead grass surrounding the flower.
Shooting wide open, I simply concentrated on the flower and not caring if any blades of grass appeared in front of the flower. It only added to the overall softness and effect I was after.

Shooting through the dead blades of grass, a constant change of blurred shapes and patterns, and a ever so slight change of perspective with the camera & lens while shooting gave me plenty of joy on that day. It also gave me many more ideas to try out in the future!

So, in the early spring or fall of the year, search out those wide open areas in nature where the majority of the grasses and foliage are dead.
You will often find that death in nature is still giving!

Thanks for looking everyone!

(I will posting these in a larger version in the Essay section over at NatureScapes later today or tonight)

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  1. Beautiful series here Mike.. I keep telling myself I am going to try doing some Macro.. yet I never do.. hehe.. I swear I will, one of these days.

    I’m trying to envision how small this little guy must have bee nestled in the grass. Amazing, the things you find.

    Comment by andy | March 16, 2006

  2. I do like the pattern the dead grass makes to the image. Inetresting stuffa again Michael..cheers :)

    Comment by dave | March 16, 2006

  3. Super series. Beautiful images.

    Comment by John | March 16, 2006

  4. Nice pictures, Mike. I’ll have to give that a try when I get back from vacation. Very nice effect for a series.

    Comment by askme2flashU | March 17, 2006

  5. Very beautiful and love the effect :)

    Comment by Dia | March 17, 2006

  6. Great lesson to be learned here, Mike. You certainly keep us down on our knees looking for all the hidden beauty among us. As a matter of fact, I was just doing that yesterday afternoon, and I swear you were looking over my shoulder urging me on.

    Comment by Micki | March 17, 2006

  7. Thaks for the suggestion. There is some beautiful reddish-golden grass here in Maryland that I’ve tried to photograph several times, but haven’t got anything I’ve been satisfied with. I’ve been approaching it from a landscape perspective, but you just made me realize that maybe what is needed is a macro approach.

    Comment by Donna Hughes | March 17, 2006

  8. Great shots Mike! I have been trying out this technique myself lately. Not close to your accomplishment, but I will keep at it. :)

    Comment by Joy | March 19, 2006

  9. lovely dream, as always

    Comment by Lorraine | March 20, 2006

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