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My “post & run” image for the day! :)

Got to get out of here and do some shooting, so thought before I head out that I would post a quick shot of one of my favorites, and a favorite method that I enjoy using.

Just get the lens practically on the ground in some thick grasses, crawl around looking for compositions, shoot wide open, shoot right through the existing foliage for that soft effect, … and have some fun!

Gotta go, ……. so everyone take care!



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  1. Dreamy purity – beautiful.

    Comment by Charlotte | March 12, 2006

  2. It’s so delicate. I love it.

    Comment by luminouslens | March 12, 2006

  3. I hope I can get me a macro set-up before spring is much more underway. That is just way cool. Happy shooting Mike.

    Comment by askme2flashU | March 12, 2006

  4. Pretty neat macros!! this one has a peaceful view!! i really like it!! :)Wonderful photos in all the blog!!! :D

    Comment by Lore | March 12, 2006

  5. Very surreal. Neat shot.

    Comment by j e p p e | March 12, 2006

  6. Michael, that is nothing short of perfection!

    Comment by Monterey John | March 12, 2006

  7. Excellent…..what else can I say??….

    Comment by lino from Oz | March 12, 2006

  8. hi, i am french and
    its not my first time here
    i just want to say i really love this web !

    i will come back as soon and as often as possible !

    come to visit me :)
    i do digital art ! X X X


    have a nice day and take care

    bellxone, Bordeaux, FRANCE

    Comment by bellxone | March 13, 2006

  9. Thanks for sharing how to achieve that beautiful effect. I tried something similar last week, need to work on it. You keep me motivated.

    Comment by Micki | March 13, 2006

  10. Brilliant Shot!


    Comment by Lindsey | March 13, 2006

  11. Stunning! And thanks for the “how to”. I’m definitely going to try this when I can see the grass again ;)

    Comment by Jennifer | March 13, 2006

  12. as always once again great shot…

    Comment by brett Admire | March 13, 2006

  13. Very pretty, Michael. The soft focus gives it a dreamy appeal.

    Comment by Dave | March 13, 2006

  14. I Love this picture : the athmosphere is strange and romantic. It’s surreal and not artificial…

    Comment by Pierre | March 14, 2006

  15. stunning, languid, inspiring, thank you Michael :)

    Comment by Lorraine | March 14, 2006

  16. Nice shot! It have a very dreamy feel to it. Cool.

    Comment by Davd | March 14, 2006

  17. Very nice!!

    Comment by Mark Schacter | March 14, 2006

  18. Hi Michael, i’m sure you know what i’m going to say about this… BEAUTIFUL. Hard to say much more than that in one word :-)
    Real proud you visited my site, and signed the guesbook… thanks.

    Best wishes from Switzerland

    Comment by neil | March 14, 2006

  19. “very cool” lighting :)

    Comment by tuan | March 18, 2006

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