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Dandelion Abstract

© 2006 – Michael Brown
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Was out shooting the other day and looking for something different, something interesting, but also something that I had seen a thousand times before, and to try to create more of a unique view of it than normally seen.
The often overlooked dandelion flower gave it to me on this day.
Simply cram the lens down into the flower, … and shoot!

Canon 100mm macro & Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens in reverse.


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  1. Great shot of a “common scene”.

    Comment by askme2flashU | March 10, 2006

  2. Beautiful Mike!

    Comment by Doris | March 10, 2006

  3. Great shot, as always, Michael… Keep up the great work.

    By the way, I’ve had a photoBlog setup, myself now for about a month and have placed a link to your blog from mine, since I visit often. Have a look, sometime, if you want:


    Take care!

    Comment by Matthew K. Hartman | March 11, 2006

  4. I love it when one can make something natural into a view painterly artwork. Very nice. The reversed lens works well for you.

    Comment by CurlyToes | March 11, 2006

  5. _____E X C E L L E N T____________

    Comment by lino from Oz | March 11, 2006

  6. Fantastic, as usual. But this time, for some reason I feel hungry when I see your picture!!?
    I love the way that light and shadow plays inside the flower, this impressed a lot of movement.
    Have nice weekend and wish you the best for the comming months.

    Comment by Arash Sharifi | March 11, 2006

  7. Such a great explosion of yellow!

    Comment by Andrew | March 12, 2006

  8. First, this is beautiful…just perfect.

    Second, getting out my notebook of Photography Tech Terms…adding cram the lens.

    Comment by Micki | March 12, 2006

  9. beautiful colour.

    Comment by doro | March 12, 2006

  10. Wonderful! I like this one much much better :D The colors are so rich, it talks to you…
    I, myself, love macrography when it comes near to abstraction, and I find a sense of that in your photos… :)
    Keep up the good work ;)

    Comment by Ghazal Samin | March 12, 2006

  11. Looks like liquid fire.

    Comment by Andy | March 12, 2006

  12. feels like the sun has come out, wonderful Michael!

    Comment by Lorraine | March 14, 2006

  13. This post has been removed by the author.

    Comment by Mark Schacter | March 14, 2006

  14. Lovely!

    Comment by Mark Schacter | March 14, 2006

  15. Sophisicated stuff – more nice abstract macros.

    Comment by John | March 14, 2006

  16. Funny that you should be playing around with a reversed lens. I too did the same thing last night. Interesting results.

    Comment by Mark Aplet | March 16, 2006

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