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Have you been there, … done that? Have you shot numerous photos of the same subject, over and over again to the point that you think you have the best that you can achieve with it, maybe never to get anything better?
I still grow and hybridize daylilies (hemerocallis), and each and every year I find myself drawn to them with camera in hand.
Hundreds of images are in my files of daylilies, and one would think that “enough is enough”.
But, every year and every single day that I go outside in the garden during daylily bloom time, there is something different to be found with the daylilies and many other flowers in the garden too.
It always seems that I come up with a new or different shot of something that appeals to me more than what I already have of it in my files.
Maybe it is a combination or overall composition and perfect lighting that captures my attention like it never has before, or the lighting and a unusual angle with select details like I have never seen in all my years of shooting, or a little critter being spotlighted by the dappled lighting on the daylily petal, or ….

In the world of flora and macro shooting, that world is constantly changing.
If you took a small piece of land with flowers, trees, grasses, insects, and so on, ….. in a macro sense, you probably could never see it all in a hundred lifetimes!

So, don’t think that you have seen it all and already have that great shot of it.
You haven’t, … because you have not seen it all, … or have you?
The best is yet to come, .. maybe! Who knows?
For me, … it is what keeps me going, and creating.

Think about it!

Thanks for looking everyone!

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  1. oh! this is incredible! you’re fantastic! I love it! great photos! I should really whip out my camera and go shoot me some of these again!

    Comment by Miss Wendy Eileen | February 21, 2006

  2. Beautiful macro Michael. I also take numerous pics of one subject & each time they either imrpove show a different aspect. cheers

    Comment by David Kleinert | February 21, 2006

  3. Ditto on that Mike! I don’t think anyone should/could ever get tired of finding something new to “focus” on. This shot is a beauty! It looks like it has presented itself to you.

    Comment by Joy | February 21, 2006

  4. Stunning daylily! I am forever making pictures of the same thing. Your site is very informative and I am learning lots from you. Thanks!

    Comment by Sandy | February 21, 2006

  5. Your photos are wonderful and as a novice I hope that I learn to see and shoot as you do

    Comment by Kevie J | February 21, 2006

  6. Michael, this is another stunning creation of yours…. it is difficult especially for me, been of Italian extraction, to find English words that compensate.
    See you tomorrow.

    Comment by lino from Oz | February 21, 2006

  7. Wow Mike. this is such a beauty!!! she is soo delicate and the colours and how the light just swims around her…

    Lino ya doin just fine mate….perfect infact…

    Comment by Leisa | February 22, 2006

  8. There is another universe at the end of your lens.

    Critters. LOL.

    Keep ’em coming buddyro.

    Comment by Marc | February 22, 2006

  9. Once again, Michael, an inspiring talk to keep us looking and shooting. To be able to continue to see the beauty around you shows the type of person you are.

    Comment by Micki | February 22, 2006

  10. Holy mackrel, that is superb.

    Comment by Monterey John | February 22, 2006

  11. Very well done. I come to your blog regularly not only for the wonderful and beautiful images, but for the inspiration from your words. Thanks.

    Comment by Paul | February 22, 2006

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Comment by MBrown | February 22, 2006

  13. I know the feeling. I have dozens of photos of lilies and hydrangeas. All taken with my Canon Powershot. I can’t wait until this year when I have my “serious” camera to photograph them again.

    Comment by Donna | February 22, 2006

  14. Just beautiful! The flower you picked is perfect, the way they mold up together. wonderful, as usual.

    Comment by Jill | February 22, 2006

  15. It keeps me breathing…good post Michael :)

    Comment by Lorraine | February 23, 2006

  16. I’ve taken so many shots of my violets!! There’s a whole other world between blossoms and leaves.

    Comment by Myrtle | February 23, 2006

  17. Same for me. There are places where I return over and over… and every time there is something new to discover, deeper relation to establish. And then I go back and see how my photos of the places have evolved, and discover how my photography has changed.

    Comment by Massimo | February 25, 2006

  18. Gorgeous shot. Really nice detail and colour in this!

    Comment by Ian | February 27, 2006

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