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Composition And Selective Focus In Photography.

So, … you want to give it a try and shoot wide open? Well, just do it!
Some helpful hints I would like to give.
First, go ahead and use whatever lens you have. A dedicated macro lens or zoom lens works wonderfully well and is my choice for the shooting that I do, and I have seen some wonderful looking closeups using a wide angle lens. Just play and experiment with what you have in your bag right now. You might get a big surprise!

“Rose Campion”
Lychnis Coronaria
© 2005 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.


So again, I use either the macro or the zoom lens for much of my work.
Now, as far as compositional rules? Use those rules that you have learned, master them, then throw them out the door once they have been learned and do your own creative thing. Get wild, have some fun, do some funky crops/compositions, … just let yourself go and simply “have some fun”! Whatever pleases you, then do it!!

Now, most importantly when shooting with your lens wide open is the use of “selective focus”.
You selectively decide what is the most important area to get some details in. What do you want to have in focus more than any other area? (Use a tripod!)
Get that area in focus and then the rest of the image usually will fall into place with a fall off in details, going into a nice soft blend of that subject and into the background.
I think one is easily able to figure out where my selective focus is within this image here.

I hope that I am making sense here this morning. (I need more coffee!)
Still, to get those creative and appealing abstracts in nature, I choose to shoot wide open, decide what is “the most important area” of the subject to get details in, try some playfull compositions, … and just play!
Opening your mind to just about anything and everything is a must when out shooting in nature.

Thanks for looking everyone!

This was posted over 1 year ago, but comments did not make the transfer from the old blog to WordPress.


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