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The Shot That Started An Adventure In Macro Photography.

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I have been asked in the past, just what got me started with my “In Their World” series of images, showing insects in their world and trying to show them in a more artistic and sometimes abstract way.
It was when I was looking through some foliage with the zoom lens, moving the lens in and out of the foliage while zooming back and forth and looking for abstract compositions, that I came across this leafhopper.

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“Leafhopper” – “In Their World” Series


I had the lens set to wide open, as I normally do.
I quickly discovered this composition that you see here with a perfect blending in the background, and I suddenly started to think of “his world”, the “leafhopper’s world”, and maybe, just maybe, is he thinking the same thing that I am thinking? Could he possibly realize the beauty of the world that surrounds him?
Does he only think of food, reproducing, and survival, … or can he possibly be sitting there and enjoying his surroundings, its beauty?
Is he in awe, as I often am while viewing the small world in nature?

I was hoping that he would sit there for me, and let me set the camera on the tripod to try and get some shots with the composition and lighting I had in mind. He did!
He never moved once, allowing me to move in closer while adjusting reflectors, adding the off camera flash, adding a diopter to the front of the lens, … quite a remarkable few moments since they never ever sit still for me! I was amazed!!

I had to get the lens parallel or on the same plane to the leafhopper in order to shoot with the lens virtually wide open but with enough depth to get the details in the leafhopper.
I composed, shot almost wide open, used the off camera flash pointing down on him and pointing the flash through an additional diffusor. The reflector I had off to the camera’s left and below the subject along with available light helped to balance things out nicely.
The slight blur that you see in the lower left corner is from out of focus foliage.

The “In Their World” series is a series of images I am working on, showing the insects and other small things/objects in their world in what I see as being more artistic in nature and macro, and less documentary.

As I sit here typing this, thinking about how this shot came about, the feelings involved with it and the images I have created similar to this one since then, … the music from “Exodus” just started to play.

Damn, ………. I am ready for some more impacting visuals, … some more inspiration.
Nature gives me that, every single day!

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  1. Congratulations. That’s the WONDERFUL SHOT. I would like to place it as the poster to the exhibition of my own artworks.
    The image from your “In Their World” series beautifully talks to us as about our world, so about us OURSELVES. I see not the leafhopper in your photo, but myself in the Bible story.

    This photo clearly reveals as you high mastery so the spirituality: your attention to what looks outwardly as not worthy attention -from first sight.
    Thank you.

    Comment by Tomas | January 5, 2007

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