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“Palamedes Swallowtail”

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“Palamedes Swallowtail”


Sometimes, everything will fall into place for you. The lighting, the composition, … all came together at just the right time, and I managed to squeeze off a few frames with some fill flash.

It turned out to be a good day in the countryside of South Carolina!

Michael Brown – Photographer

“Macro Art In Nature”


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  1. Beautifully composed (how do you accomplish that with such a fast-moving subject?), excellent clarity and sharpness. In a word – perfecto!

    Comment by Dave | December 29, 2005

  2. The colors of the flowers are perfectly contrasting with the dark of the butterfly… Bravo.

    Comment by Pierre | December 29, 2005

  3. I really like your photos, and you inspire me alot – thanks! I´ve recently discoverd “the-macro-world” and try to make the best of it…

    Comment by markisen | December 29, 2005

  4. Great photo! Just wondering what sort of lens you used for this shot?

    Comment by David Kleinert | December 29, 2005

  5. Very nice composition. I am trying to pick some macro tips from your photographs :-). Your comments are most welcome at my site.

    Comment by Amit | December 29, 2005

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Yes, these do move around fairly fast, giving you only a moment or two when they land on a flower to try and get a decent shot.

    There were a number of butterflies flying around this lantana bush at the time, so I decided to set the camera up on the tripod and focus in on a area with a clean background and what I thought would be a good composition if I were lucky enough for one to land there. Chances were good since there were a number of butterflies flying around that particular bush.
    Then, one did land right where the lens was pointing, I got off a few frames, and it was gone.

    In this shot, I used the Canon 100mm macro and the 2X teleconverter.
    Also used the shutter release, or cable release attached to the camera and holding it in one hand, while in the other hand I held the Canon 420EX flash off to the right of the camera and about 1 foot higher.

    Pre-planning was the key to this shot, … and a good bit of luck!

    Again, thanks everyone for the comments! : )

    Comment by MBrown | December 29, 2005

  7. ooohhhh, my favorite, butterflies! I don’t think I’ve seen this one in my yard. Nice job.

    Comment by Jill | December 29, 2005

  8. Very nicely done, and thanks for the info about how you did it.

    Comment by Paul | December 29, 2005

  9. Just lovely! I would expect nothing less from you :-) but I have to say I love it when it all just falls in place so easly!

    Comment by Doris | December 29, 2005

  10. Excellent photo there, how do you manage to stop them diving away when you’re taking a pictute?

    Comment by BobC | December 29, 2005

  11. Inspiring shots! Well done… bookmarked and linked. : )

    Comment by Joey | December 29, 2005

  12. Bob, I try to take a shot as soon as they land on the flower, … long before they even have that chance to dive away.
    Does not always work though!! : )

    Thanks again everyone!

    Comment by MBrown | December 30, 2005

  13. as usual….beautiful

    Comment by Jules | December 30, 2005

  14. The colors in this shot are just stunning, and your compositions are always perfect. Thanks for the technical information, too. It will certainly help me do a better job with these kinds of subjects when I next have the opportunity to shoot them.

    Comment by Judith Polakoff | January 3, 2006

  15. Your photography is seriously outstanding. I just didn’t know which images to leave comments on because they’re all brilliant. There really isn’t one single image that i can find of your that I could honestly say I didn’t like. WOW keep it up.

    Comment by Wasim | July 19, 2007

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