"Macro Art In Nature"

Explorations in the artistic world of macro photography.

“Spent” – Composition Is Key In Macro Photography.

This is a spent stamen from the flower of an azalea.

Everything seemed to fall into place on this day, and with this image.
The depth that already existed between the spent stamen and the fully extended stamens in the background, looked like little neon tubes glowing in the viewfinder.
The winds were calm, the lighting was wonderful for a change, the details were looking good, … but it was the composition that made the day!
The plamp was used from the tripod to the stem of the flower to help steady it even more.

© 2004 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.



Canon 100mm macro, extension tube, Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens attached in reverse to the macro lens
Reflectors, plamp, tripod, macro slider, 1 mirror
1.4 sec. @ f5.6
ISO 200

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  1. è bello perdersi nelle foto macro

    Comment by pg | December 24, 2005

  2. Now this is truely irresistible! There’s no comment I can add about the composition and color, other than saying this is what I would like to be able to achieve, were I to shoot it. Mike you’re shooting with a 300D? Don’t get me wrong it’s you who takes the photos not the camera but for your own sake! Change at least to 20D or maybe even 5D. Your skillfulness deserves a camera with much more versatility. PLEASE! Do yourself some justice! This is brutal! Are you trying to punish yourself or what?! 8^)

    Comment by Ali | December 24, 2005

  3. Another great magical shot. I love the backgrond.
    Merry Christmas Micheal.

    Comment by Arash Sharifi | December 24, 2005

  4. Probably one of the most remarkable photographers and photographs that I have seen in a very long time!

    Comment by Anonymous | December 24, 2005

  5. Looks like Sci-Fi. You gives an poetic, surrealist and so personal vision of the nature. I love it.

    Comment by Pierre | December 24, 2005

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Ali, I will be upgrading sometime next year, as long as no unforseen bills crop up again like they have this past year or so!
    I am looking at the 5D, as the file size that they produce are more in line with what some of the stock agencies and clients are looking for.

    I feel that I deserve it. Now, … just convincing the wife is another story! :)

    Comment by MBrown | December 24, 2005

  7. Thanks PG!
    I too can easily get lost in the photos, and sometimes long before I even take them.
    Getting lost in the small world has always appealed to me!

    And “anonymous”, (wished I knew who you were), but thanks. It does make me feel good to hear that I must be doing something right that appeals to others!

    Again everyone, …… thanks!
    Merry Christmas!!

    Comment by MBrown | December 24, 2005

  8. Very good pictures here !! Merry christmas and happy new year Michael !

    Comment by cedric lemoigne | December 25, 2005

  9. Beautiful composition and colors!!

    Comment by Ariel | December 25, 2005

  10. Thanks gang for the comments!

    Comment by MBrown | December 26, 2005

  11. I like a lot your macros. They go beyond the literal representation of reality of most of the macros I have seen In your photos I can see the abstract beauty of patterns and colors normally concealed by the different scale in which we normally live. Your photos transport the viewer into a new small world, full of wonders. I like especially your use of negative space, the narrow field of view so effective in selecting details and making a rich tapestry with the background, and the soft focus that blends all together and makes it glow.

    Comment by Massimo | December 26, 2005

  12. I love this one – you’re making me want to invest into a serious macro lens! This image brings a brilliant fireworks display to mind for me – or laser show. Such an unusual view of the inside of a flower. Awesome!

    Comment by Dave | December 29, 2005

  13. Massimo, Dave, ….. thanks guys!

    Comment by MBrown | December 29, 2005

  14. A great shot indeed! I like very much they way you compose your pictures! the background…the lines!

    very nice!

    Comment by J. | January 7, 2006

  15. You do turn macro into art

    Comment by john | January 17, 2006

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