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Negative Space Within Nature Images

It was not long ago that we had a wonderful discussion over at NatureScapes about “dead space” or “negative space” within a image. This was the photo used in that discussion.

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Many times, I will take the main subject and place if off to the side of the frame or way up top, maybe at the bottom, and try to capture some of that so called “dead/negative space” to where it could almost become a subject on its own.
Not always easy to do!
Is it really negative space? If done right, ….. not really!
I will call it here, “negative space”, … since that is what many will know it by.

If you want to try something like this, it is best to have that negative space as a blend of colors, shapes, etc.
If this shot had a negative space of “solid green” for instance, it probably would not be all that appealing.
With what you have here, there is that blend, that certain amount of depth that allows to viewer to study it, for their eyes to move about and to take that negative space in, … and in a way, it can almost become that seperate subject on its own. It has just a touch of detail and saying to you that “something else is there”, but still is a blend.

It’s something that is fun to try, playing around with your lens settings while moving closer or away from your main subject.
Again, …… just play, and have some fun. Create something different than what you have in the past!

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  1. I see what you are saying. It does look much better with something going on in the background even if it is abstract. Before I read your comments I was trying to figure out the background from it’s color combination.

    Comment by noushin | December 23, 2005

  2. Beautiful photographs. Truly stunning! I will bookmark you and return!

    Comment by Eliza | December 23, 2005

  3. the space is what lets the subject breathe … this is your best pic so far.

    Comment by wildpic | December 23, 2005

  4. Nice! I love these colors.

    Comment by Jill | December 24, 2005

  5. Beautiful!

    Comment by Therese | December 24, 2005

  6. All your photos are so beautiful! As a beginner to photography & lover of macro, your descriptions on how you take your photos are extremly helpful to me, Thank you!


    Comment by ~K~ | December 24, 2005

  7. Thanks gang!

    Comment by MBrown | December 24, 2005

  8. nice idea. i should try this. (i like dead spaces, but I always compose/fill them with a solid color).

    Comment by moogs | December 25, 2005

  9. This is perfect.

    Comment by Djohns | December 26, 2005

  10. Excellent colors and composition! Makes me want to visit this peaceful place.

    Comment by Jason | December 28, 2005

  11. Thanks again everyone!

    Comment by MBrown | December 29, 2005

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