"Macro Art In Nature"

Explorations in the artistic world of macro photography.

Severe Cropping

We are always hearing or being preached to about “rules” in composition.
Well, I preach to “despise and break” those rules, but do it only after you have learned what rules you should despise and/or break!

Yes, some would argue about the “negative space” to the right of the main subject shown here, but sometimes that negative space can become a subject on its own. I have other images which show negative space more so as a subject on its own than this, and will post one of those later.

Severe cropping?
It is something that everyone needs to try, to practice, to help get yourself out of that “ho hum” photography that you may find yourself in!
Severe cropping may not work with every subject, but in many cases, it can enhance the subject you are shooting.
Just try it, and see what your creative mind and that tool in your hands can do for you!

“Macro Art In Nature”

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  1. The leaves are on a nice third, it really makes the picture look good.

    Regards – Jim

    Comment by Jim Read | December 22, 2005

  2. Honestly I don’t know any of the rules. So I do what looks nice to me :-)

    Comment by Doris | December 22, 2005

  3. true true, rules are meant to be broken – but only if you know what the rules are!

    Comment by tuan | December 22, 2005

  4. Since I have been posting photos on a blog (only a couple of months) it is increasingly apparent that we all see things differently and like different things. One mans blurry rubbish is exquisite art to another.

    Rules of composition have evolved as a guide to a comfortable image that doesnt jar our senses. So it depends what you intend with your image, do you want people to go Wow or ‘isnt that pretty’ or to be puzzled over it. Are you challenging them or giving them something they want and are comfortable with.

    There is no right or wrong only the right or wrong time (or audience)

    And a Merry Christmas to you.

    Comment by Keith | December 22, 2005

  5. merry christmas … have a fab season !
    cropping is as important as the shutter release. i prefer to do most of the work thru the view finder, may be am a bit lazy too.
    the lens is where the mind sits n the eye captures it.

    wonderfull blog u have here mbrown !

    cheers !

    Comment by wildpic | December 22, 2005

  6. Thanks everyone!

    It is nice to be able to talk about things such as this within a blog to where one can be honest, open, unlike sometimes where you have to be PC in some of the forums that you find.

    Composition has always been the most important aspect of a photograph to me.
    Oh yeah, I still use some of those rules, but I do like to shake up those senses up if I can and to keep my mind fresh, and maybe to help others look at things a bit differently in our world. I simply enjoy being different.

    Use those rules, then use your own rules to create something away from the norm, and, …….. I need more coffee before I type anymore this morning! Ha! :)

    Thanks gang!

    Comment by MBrown | December 23, 2005

  7. I completely agree with your severe cropping comment. I always find myself cropping stuff even more when I am looking at the image in the computer.

    Comment by noushin | December 23, 2005

  8. Like your attitude.

    Comment by Jill | December 23, 2005

  9. Just running a test.

    Comment by MBrown | January 17, 2006

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