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Sexy Imagery In Nature – “Slices” Series

Now, … you looked at that word “sexy” in the title and then you looked at this image, … well, what kind of response did you have to it?
What was “the very first word” that popped into your mind?

“Camelia Stamens”
Slices Series
© 2005 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.


This is just one image that I have in my files from the “Slices” series that I am working on.
It involves taking subjects in nature, slicing or peeling them open and exposing the insides to views than many have never seen before, and photographing them.
This is a very young bud or a camelia bloom that is a few weeks from opening, slowly peeled open to expose the stamens that were embedded deep within the bud.
It was photographed using the Canon 100mm macro, extension tube, and the Nikkor 50mm lens attached in reverse. Two reflectors and a mirror were also used.

It is a bit funny at the reactions I get to this and to other subjects in my “Slices” series.
Many of those very fresh views in nature evoke responses from viewers, and usually winds up as being “sexual” in content.
Yes, I laugh out loud when some individuals tell me what they think this shot here and others look like.

Tomorrow I will show you the image that many have said has that “Georgia O’Keefe” look/style to it, and one that also evoked those sexual comments.
Hey, ……. it’s just nature in a fresh, virgin state!

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  1. Dear Mike, to me, making nude photos out of the nature is an ultimate challenge. Telling the truth I envoy you. Having a good look, powerful imagination and best undrestanding of natural elements, what else do you want!
    Keep up good works.

    Comment by Arash Sharifi | December 19, 2005

  2. This is amazing; you have an absolutely great eye.

    Comment by noushin | December 19, 2005

  3. Wonderful! You are very gifted.

    Comment by Jill | December 19, 2005

  4. That’s amazing. Beautiful photograph.

    Comment by Dave Wild | December 19, 2005

  5. The composition, clarity and detail that you achieve in your images is really amazing – and very inspiring for me. Looking forward to seeing many more from you…

    Comment by Markarian | December 19, 2005

  6. Very “intimate” ;-) and curious study Mike. The photo could easily be the topic of a lecture or discussion of “fine art nature photography”. I have a macro example of your micro in my series and you might want to have a look at it 8^)

    Here: http://beyond.my-expressions.com/archives/1252_1636005911/68218

    As someone who takes particular interest in photography and Tao, this particular topic is quite intriguing to me!

    Comment by Ali | December 19, 2005

  7. Thanks everyone!

    As mentioned earlier, I will post the Georgia O’Keefe looking piece maybe in a couple of hours.

    Comment by MBrown | December 19, 2005

  8. Wow, that is mindblowing! That is certainly one of the best of the genre I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see more from this series!

    By the way, thanks for the technical information. I never would have thought to light these kinds of scenes with mirrors and reflectors; it’s very helpful to learn about these details. :)

    Comment by Judith Polakoff | December 19, 2005

  9. that almost qualifies for half nekkid thursday….if a flower can participate in that sort of thing.

    Comment by Jules | December 20, 2005

  10. This is amazing!!! What a superb composition. You have managed to convert a simple subject into a piece of art. Great job Mike.

    Comment by Amit | December 20, 2005

  11. Wonderful shot. It’s amazing the things we see when we look a little closer.

    Comment by Paul | December 20, 2005

  12. Disturbing, suggestive… in french : “érotique et sensuel”. and a little bit funny !

    Comment by minza | December 20, 2005

  13. Thanks gang! : )

    Comment by MBrown | December 20, 2005

  14. This is a stunning shot – the clarity and colors are amazing. Thanks for sharing it!

    Comment by Dave | December 29, 2005

  15. please go on working on that project, make a whole series of ‘sexual’ flowers…yes, you say ‘sheer nature’, and nature is sexuality..and plants have their own ways…i once read whole scientific books on the subject and was fascinated but your work make the information visible at a glance…easily available for every body…
    you should really propose that subject to a kind of National Geographic magazine…and work in team with a writer…think about a book as well, contact editors and be quick because such a marvel won t stay undisclosed for long…and if you don t do it others will…
    good luck good work…GO ON!

    Comment by delphine | January 1, 2006

  16. Thanks Delphine for the thoughts/comments. Really appreciate it!

    Will be sending you a e-mail later tonight.

    Again, ….. many thanks!

    Comment by MBrown | January 2, 2006

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