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Sexy Imagery In Nature – “Slices” Series

Now, … you looked at that word “sexy” in the title and then you looked at this image, … well, what kind of response did you have to it?
What was “the very first word” that popped into your mind?

“Camelia Stamens”
Slices Series
© 2005 – Michael Brown
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This is just one image that I have in my files from the “Slices” series that I am working on.
It involves taking subjects in nature, slicing or peeling them open and exposing the insides to views than many have never seen before, and photographing them.
This is a very young bud or a camelia bloom that is a few weeks from opening, slowly peeled open to expose the stamens that were embedded deep within the bud.
It was photographed using the Canon 100mm macro, extension tube, and the Nikkor 50mm lens attached in reverse. Two reflectors and a mirror were also used.

It is a bit funny at the reactions I get to this and to other subjects in my “Slices” series.
Many of those very fresh views in nature evoke responses from viewers, and usually winds up as being “sexual” in content.
Yes, I laugh out loud when some individuals tell me what they think this shot here and others look like.

Tomorrow I will show you the image that many have said has that “Georgia O’Keefe” look/style to it, and one that also evoked those sexual comments.
Hey, ……. it’s just nature in a fresh, virgin state!

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