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In Photography, … Do You Really Want Your Own Style?

So, you have often thought about your photography, where you are headed with it, and have dreamed about being proficient at what you do and to have a recognizable style.
I have been told before, that a person could tell my images from any others that they see.
Well hell, ….. that makes me feel good! I have done well, people have noticed, people appreciate it, and I now have a very noticeable style.

Now, ….. what do I do now?
What would you do?
Do we sit back, continue to create what everybody seems to like very much, and ride off into the sunset with our wonderful style and all the glory that comes with it? Do we dare to stray away and try to find some new goals to achieve?
If we continue on that same path that has been a successful path, will others start to get a bit bored with it?

I’m not going to write a whole article here about it. I’ll just let it be something that you decide for yourself.
For myself, for now, I will continue to do what I like to do, and what others seem to enjoy viewing.
I will decide later what path I should take next, … if any.

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  1. I have to say I love your style!

    I think even if we do change our style from time to time, the part that is us in the art of it, is still there. If that makes any sense LOL

    Comment by Doris | December 9, 2005

  2. Oh yes, …… it’s always there.
    Sometimes there are things going on within our surroundings that clouds our vision, but we fight through it to discover that new direction.

    Hell, …… did I just make any sense myself?

    I need more coffee!!

    Comment by MBrown | December 9, 2005

  3. Thanks so much for leaving a message on my site — not so much for the message (although it was nice!) but because I was able to discover your site and your incredibly beautiful, mind-blowing photographs! I took just a cursory look at your work on the naturescapes site and intend to go back later this afternoon. Thanks again so much, your art is truly an inspiration. :)

    Comment by Judith Polakoff | December 10, 2005

  4. Ditto to what judith polakoff says…

    I like to change my medium quite often. I’m not interested in what my “style” is, but I do like looking at the world in different ways and they all feed me, which probably makes some difference to what I then produce.

    Comment by Caroline | December 11, 2005

  5. Great post! I sometimes wonder if I should find my own style. I’ve been to many photoblogs and quite a lot seem to have a unique style of photography. I just shoot whatever I think would make a good and interesting photo, but there’s nothing about my photographs that would set me apart from the rest. I think it’s perfectly healthy and fun to do something different from time to time, but for me, I ‘worry’ that I might never find my own flavor. “What is my style” is sort of like asking myself “who am I?” I’m still searching. Sorry if I haven’t made any sense…

    Comment by lotusearth | December 12, 2005

  6. Style? What style? Hehe – Mike, I’m afraid that I’m still too new to macro to have a style. For now, I’m just happy when I come away from a shooting session with a shot that is worth showing off!

    But, to answer your question, I ultimately want to achieve a ‘style’ whatever that may turn out to be. It could turn out to be plural as my photography in general tends to be opportunistic. There are people that call themselves landscape photographers, or portrait photographers, or whatever-specialty-you-can-think-of photographers but I tend to see an image coming together before my eyes and I just go for it whatever the subject and scene may be. Sure, I may go out on a photo walk looking to get pictures of birds but I may end up coming back with macro shots of spider webs instead! That’s just me…

    Meanwhile, you definitely appear to have a ‘style’ (or two). And it just so happens that your style(s) is one that others enjoy viewing!

    Comment by geoffs | December 12, 2005

  7. To everyone at the same time, … “thanks”!
    (I gotta get back to work)


    Comment by MBrown | December 12, 2005

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