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In Photography, … Do You Really Want Your Own Style?

So, you have often thought about your photography, where you are headed with it, and have dreamed about being proficient at what you do and to have a recognizable style.
I have been told before, that a person could tell my images from any others that they see.
Well hell, ….. that makes me feel good! I have done well, people have noticed, people appreciate it, and I now have a very noticeable style.

Now, ….. what do I do now?
What would you do?
Do we sit back, continue to create what everybody seems to like very much, and ride off into the sunset with our wonderful style and all the glory that comes with it? Do we dare to stray away and try to find some new goals to achieve?
If we continue on that same path that has been a successful path, will others start to get a bit bored with it?

I’m not going to write a whole article here about it. I’ll just let it be something that you decide for yourself.
For myself, for now, I will continue to do what I like to do, and what others seem to enjoy viewing.
I will decide later what path I should take next, … if any.

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